Our mission is to bring the best creative, technical and professional talent together to capture real stories of positive change. 

Our relationships with our clients and collaborators mean everything to us. The work they do is not always easy, and we understand that being in front of a camera can be tough. That's why every step of our process is about reducing our impact and presence, so that what our cameras capture is as honest as possible. 

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 On location

On the road, we produce, shoot and edit out of a Mercedes Sprinter cargo van and a 16' trailer. The van serves as secure storage for essentials like cameras and lenses. It draws power through our solar panels to charge the batteries and power hard drives. With wifi, HD monitors, and full insulation, we can control the climate and keep the street noise out to turn the van into an ideal mobile office or video village.

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In the studio

Our headquarters is a 100 year-old fire station conveniently located between downtown Boston and Logan Airport. In pre-production, we have the space to spread out develop narrative and visual visions. We test out different camera set-ups and host brainstorming sessions with our clients. In production, the 2,500 studio offers a fully powered light grid in the ceiling and greater control of light and sound. And in post-production, we invite our clients and collaborators to see the cut in a 30 foot projection on the wall. With a new kitchen, editing suite and ideation room, the studio allows us and our clients to stay comfortable and find inspiration as we take on big concepts. 

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