Our small shop won a big award.

The ARC Awards are a great step towards recognizing the potential of content storytelling. It means that AdWeek recognizes the future of advertising and marketing. You don’t have to be a giant ad agency or own an expensive camera. They see that when all barriers to access production fall, all that matters is story.

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Windy Films Comment
Do Something, Part II: Strength in Diversity

Our life experiences, and resulting opinions and views, are pretty homogeneous. So while we strive to tell the stories of those who face systemic adversity, we often fall short in our ability to connect with them on a personal level. We'll do our best as journalists, listeners, interviewers, storytellers, but we won't pretend to have faced the same discrimination, insecurity, or injustices as many of the subjects of our stories.

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Creating Creativity

It's all too easy for creatives to get caught on the hamster wheel, saying "yes" to too much or for the wrong reasons. As we navigate this process, we look to our friends at Oat for a model on how to determine success by our own measurements. They've taught us that in the long run, the most meaningful and effective way of creating value is actually by creating creativity. Setting time aside to focus on what's honest to yourself, creatively fulfilling and meaningful, not just what's profitable, will actually pay off in the long run. 

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Canon 1DC - Two Years Later

First of all, to begin this post let me point out just how rare it is that any camera we buy makes it 2 years. This poor camera has stood up to more abuse and more car rigs, jib cranes, and underwater rigs than most cameras should be capable of enduring.

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My Internship at Windy Films

This summer I’ve been interning with Windy Films, a small Boston-based documentary film studio. In the mornings, I fittingly take the train to the Maverick station, heading towards Wonderland, and a slew of possibilities. That’s about where the day-to-day regularity ends; I never quite know what I’ll find when I walk into Studio 16.

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Studio 16

It's been a lot of hard work over the past seven months. 

But all of the floor grinding and repainting has paid off. Sometimes it can feel a bit demoralizing to demolish a wall, only to rebuild it again. But we're very proud of our headquarters now, and we want nothing more than to share the space with other like - minded creative professionals now. In the warmer months, the garage door is usually open, so feel free to swing by and we'll take you over to KO next door for a pie and a pint. 

THANK YOU to all of our friends and family who had the patience to let us disappear for sleepless nights and weekends to make this possible. 

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