Our Trailer

We get the question all the time: “What makes you different from other film production companies?” Our answer, though ever-changing as we learn from each project, always includes something that has been unique to us from the beginning- our 16’ production trailer dubbed the “Breeze Machine." In the past few years we have completely rebuilt a trailer that has made us more efficient on location while giving us a client-centered headquarters and safe haven for our equipment. 

We needed a do-everything, anywhere, low maintenance extension to our company that could offer: 

A more economical way to operate with gear depreciation and last minute itinerary changes in mind. Our gear is now depreciating less rapidly with a permanent home and we are able to be flexible owning our means of transportation instead of relying on pesky airlines. 

The ability to move in tandem with a client’s story both with time and physical location. Our stories do not have the flexibility to wait for us and we have to have the ability to move and shift gears at a moment’s notice. Think about it- we don’t need to pack all our gear into cars or planes. We are able to be shoot ready in minutes once we arrive. 

A client centered headquarters to maintain a low footprint while on location. We get it- space is at a premium no matter where you are. We created a space that is inviting for our clients and can function as a headquarters for production. No more loading gear into offices and disrupting productivity for staff. 



Everything forward of the axle is dedicated to same day production with the capability to be a mobile editing or daily review suite so we can leave location with confidence that we captured what was needed. Everything aft of the axle is dedicated gear storage and charging stations. 




The Build

With a sketch of the trailer on a piece of plywood we began to re-build from the frame up. We undercoated the trailer frame, insulated all walls and ceiling, built new interior walls, wired lighting that could run both on and off the grid, wired 110V electric throughout the trailer to charge equipment when on location and then built all interior fittings in place. Windy could now arrive on location, pull down the back door, and start prepping equipment with everything right where we left it. This is where the trailer gives us the most value- we know exactly where everything is located and can fully build any piece of equipment or rig efficiently in as little as 10-15 minutes including our slider, Steadicam or 12 foot jib.

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- Will