Studio 16

We moved into our new space in the East Boston Shipyard in January 2015 and have been working on it every chance we get - now finally bringing our vision of a versatile, productive and creative working space to fruition. Built as a fire station in 1909, the building had been empty for over a decade when we found it. It needed a little work, and after seven months of improvements, we are excited to announce our new headquarters. 

Our business was built out of our 16’ trailer, dubbed the Breeze Machine, which has brought us to NYC, Washington D.C., as far as Los Angeles and back. The studio won't change our documentary style that we have developed in the field, but rather add to it when needed, giving us a greater element of control of lighting, camera, and sound. 

We designed the space into two separate but connected areas: a production studio and a mezzanine with a view from above. 


We intentionally built the 2nd floor mezzanine to be a comfortable environment. After working in feature productions and television in the past, we wanted to do something better than the folding chair and pop-up tent usually set up for clients and producers. We incorporated this notion of a video village into our space with amenities that keep it comfortable for a full day of production, including three separate offices, a full bathroom, and kitchen. The sound-proofed mezzanine allows our collaborators to have a private space to focus while still staying involved in the action below in the studio. 


Simplicity (noun | sim-plic-i-ty)- Strip everything away and start fresh with a 2,000 sq/ft box.  

Our goal is to create Boston's most flexible studio space - ready for shooting, editing, story mapping, and events - not just an isolated space for production only. We stripped 50 layers of paint from the floor to reveal beautiful concrete and built a 25’ x 55’ wall that is now the shooting wall for any production. Whether we are in storyboarding with a client, shooting a production, or editing what we just captured, the studio is becoming a defining tool in our quiver and adds to Windy’s unique vertical integration of pre-production, production and post-production. 


The Studio – 2,000 sq/ ft + 1500 sq/ft storage

  • 25’ ceilings throughout
  • 40 3 phase outlets in the light grid above concrete floors
  • Moveable 10-20ft. light grid capable of spanning approximately 1500 sq/ft of the studio electronically.  
  • 16’x16’ roll up door

The Mezzanine— 1500 sq/ft

  • Professional kitchen built by Grain
  • Client work bar looking down on studio. Wired with SDI & HDMI live feed
  • Full bathroom
  • 3 private offices

It's been a lot of hard work over the past seven months. 

But all of the floor grinding and repainting has paid off. We're very proud of our headquarters now, and we want nothing more than to share the space with other like-minded creative professionals. In the warmer months, the garage door is usually open, so feel free to swing by and we'll take you over to KO next door for a pie. 

THANK YOU to all of our friends and family who had the patience to let us disappear for sleepless nights and weekends to make this possible. 

Stay tuned for our first public event, coming this September.