Pegasus R2+

This is the device I have been dreaming of for at least the last 3 years. The PEGASUS R2+ is a fast, compact, RAID ready drive, with a built in card reader. What more could a DIT/DP want?!

I have plenty of big Pegasus R6 arrays and they are fantastic but I am not going to lug any of those around on set if I can help it. They also often end up with active client jobs on them so I don’t want them coming off the shelf in the edit suite just to get kicked around on set. The R2+ is the right size both physically and drive space wise. 6TB of RAID 0 or 3TB of RAID 1, even shooting 120FPS at 4K on the Canon C500 it is hard for me to shoot more than 2TB in a day. 6TB will usually cover me for an entire location shoot and then everything gets dumped on to one of our R6 units as soon as we get back to the office. Rinse and repeat.

The majority of our work is location based and now that we have the Sprinter it is very easy to work and drive at the same time. Just to be on the safe side I thought it would be a good idea to build a case for the R2+. There were discussions about milk crates and wooden prototypes but thankfully we found a hard case from HPRC that fit the enclosure perfectly. All that was left was to drill a few holes and confirm that the drives wouldn’t overheat. After transferring non-stop for 8 hours I was convinced.

We even added a Kessler quick release to the bottom of the pelican case so that the drive mounts easily on the desk in our sprinter.

Here are a few photos of our mobile set up -