Sprinter Power


Zero Friction Machine

How can we take the office on the road with us? How do we make re-setting after a shoot painless? How do we decrease the time in between shoots? How do we take all the friction out of the process? 

The first two pieces of puzzle were power and internet. For years before we had run 12volt inverters and various iPad / iPhone hotspots. It all worked but never reliably enough to upload client work or charge an entire camera package. Before we could insulate, or install shelves, or floors, or really do anything we had to do, we needed to decide on a plan for the electrical system.

We had built out a home-brewed system with a car batter and switch panel in our cargo trailer that worked well but didn't allow for much expansion or easy monitoring. So for the Sprinter, we ended up with a kit from Goal Zero that was much simpler and didn't require special understanding so even a PA on set know exactly how to use it. The Goal Zero Yeti can also be removed and used as a silent makeshift generator on set, which is a big plus for us. 

Feel free to comment or shoot us a note if you have any questions.  

Solar panels and energy storage: Goal Zero 1250 Kit

6 terabyte raid array: Promise Pegasus R2+ in HPRC 2300 Case

Engine diagnostics and wifi hotspot: Vinli