Sprinter Power: Updated!

A lot has been done since we last talked about our mobile headquarters. Once upon a time, our 16 foot trailer was the company’s mobile HQ. Succeeded by that was the Sprinter, and now we’ve come full circle back to working with both the Sprinter and the Trailer in the most beautiful way.

The Sprinter serves as our camera truck and video village on location, while the trailer is the home for all of our grip and electric gear, equivalent to a 1 ton package, but personalized to our needs. We’ve streamlined everything about the build, ensuring every piece of gear has a secure and defined home, making sure we have enough wheels to roll up to set as quickly and efficiently as possible from the van. Our load ins and outs have gotten exponentially quicker, and that’s thanks to an organized and well thought out layout.


  • Added partition to cut down on road noise

  • New layout and condensed cases for camera, batteries, cases, etc

  • New battery charging case

  • New lighting, including dimmable under-shelf lights

  • Walkies, monitor, and bluetooth speakers mounted to table

  • Water to go plastic bottle free

  • Wheel well covers and lips for more storage

  • Bracket for goal zero

  • Coffin for camera on road trips


  • Demoed everything, pulled everything out and started with a box

  • E-Track and accessories

  • Two new carts - head cart and duz-all

    • Grip cart - combos, c-stands, draws for misc grip and frame ears, 4x4s

    • Head cart - all electrical gear and cases that don’t fit elsewhere

  • Magliner w/ shelves for camera cart

  • Wheels for everything - carts, magliner, rock n roller

  • Clothes hanger e-track for gels, duve, umbrellas

  • Hook for easyrig and tripod

  • Overhead pipe system w/ squarestock

  • Trailer valet

Check out the video above to see all of it in action!