Canon 1DC - Two Years Later

First of all, to begin this post let me point out just how rare it is that any camera we buy makes it 2 years. More often than not we sell things after 18 months. Usually because there is something better, faster, and cheaper available. A new 1DC these days will put you back about $6k, which is very steep for any DSLR, especially given that the 1DX is almost the same camera for half the price, but for us 4K video was the biggest selling point. (FYI a used 1DC at around $5,000 is a steal). Even a new 1DX mark II is only $5,999.           

A quick pro’s and con’s list - 'cause people love lists:


-        Compact size
-        Lightweight
-      Rugged, weather sealed
-      Great sensor cleaning technology so it actually works as opposed to the 5d Mark II
-      Incredible still camera
-       True Cinema 4K
-      Best friends with the rhino mount
-      14FPS stills - On CF cards - not the overpriced CFast cards. 
-      Really nice super35mm 1080P – Great match with long lenses


-       Annoying codec – MJPG
-       Initially expensive media (1000x CF) - still cheaper than CFast
-       Single ¼” 20 thread. Every camera in the world should have two.
-         Canon LOG (but thankfully there are plenty of better flat profiles out there)
-         No 4k HDMI out (but did that even exist in 2013?) 

With the exception of the horrible choice of motion-JPEG I would say that most of my con’s are pretty manageable or avoidable. Also thankfully the price of 1000x CF cards has come down quite a bit in the last two years. ¼”20 screw is standard on DSLR’s but I think it is time that photographers realize that having two tie downs is better than one.

This poor camera has stood up to more abuse and more car rigs, jib cranes, and underwater rigs than most cameras should be capable of enduring.

More than 2 years after its release the 1DC is still putting up a stiff competition to even the latest crop of DSLRs. EOSHD has a great write up comparing the 1DC to the new Nikon D5. They very rightly conclude that the D5 in terms of video is hamstrung from the starting gate and doesn’t offer much competition to the current offering from Sony or Canon. Even the brand new 1DX Mark II does off many new features over the 1DC.  ( )

We’ll let you know if the 1DC makes it to the 3 year mark, but that’s pretty unlikely.