Seven years in

Last month, we celebrated our seventh birthday. 

Technically, seven years as a collaboration and four years in business. While that seems like a long time to us, we need to remind ourselves that we are still learning so much. We learn not just by what we do, but also by how and why we do what we do. In other words, we learn by making films (what we do), by running our own business (how we do it), and by helping others create positive change (why we do it). 


Filmmaking, entrepreneurship and impact are our shared passions. And while we didn’t see this clearly seven years ago, we realize now how these three things really have a lot in common. They all are about finding an underserved market that benefits from something original and powerful. We’re beginning to think of our films as smaller businesses created within our business - not in an exploitive, capitalist sense, but rather because our films interact with the real world, we’re always thinking of our audience as a market that our work can inspire and engage. We don’t want our work to exist in a vacuum. Because our films come from the world around us, it’s important that it returns the favor and become a tool for positive change after they’re done. 

To do this, we need to be more than cinematographers and editors. We need to be journalists and producers. We need to be activists and advocates. While we may not have realized it, we haven’t paid much attention to industry standards or conventional wisdom. We’ve built based on necessity, and that often required us to break down traditional barriers that separate our passions into different professions. This makes us neither filmmakers, entrepreneurs or social impact agents, but rather a blend of all three. We haven’t figured out what to call that yet. If you have any ideas, please let us know. In the meantime, we’ve been thinking a lot about the power of three. Here’s a few more. 

what x how x why

problem x approach x solution

creative x technical x professional

filmmaking x entrepreneurship x impact

Our seventh year was a good one. Here's a few of our favorite moments.