Do Something, Part II: Strength in Diversity

Our life experiences, and resulting opinions and views, are pretty homogeneous. So while we strive to tell the stories of those who face systemic adversity, we often fall short in our ability to connect with them on a personal level. We'll do our best as journalists, listeners, interviewers, storytellers, but we won't pretend to have faced the same discrimination, insecurity, or injustices as many of the subjects of our stories.

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Creating Creativity

It's all too easy for creatives to get caught on the hamster wheel, saying "yes" to too much or for the wrong reasons. As we navigate this process, we look to our friends at Oat for a model on how to determine success by our own measurements. They've taught us that in the long run, the most meaningful and effective way of creating value is actually by creating creativity. Setting time aside to focus on what's honest to yourself, creatively fulfilling and meaningful, not just what's profitable, will actually pay off in the long run. 

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Cross Country Sprint

We talk a big game about the economics of the trailer, but having only driven it as far as DC from Boston, we've yet to really put it to the test. Last time we shot in LA in October, we flew with ten tubs of equipment and rented a sprinter van, and by the time we rebuilt our gear, it was realistically a day and a half affair. So for the next shoot on the west coast, we asked ourselves, is driving anywhere really more efficient?

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