Bollinger Motors - Solidworks


New York, 2018

After a successful career in New York City, entrepreneur and car enthusiast Robert Bollinger decided the next chapter in life would be on a two-hundred acre cattle farm. He and his partner drove their old pick-up truck around fixing fences, barns and building a home for themselves. One day digging his truck out of a pit of ice and mud, he decided to build a new truck from the ground up, exactly the one he needed for himself.

So he bought an old garage, hired a team of engineers and designers, and got to work. From the beginning, he knew he wanted to build an electric vehicle, a move that opened up a world of possibilities for his design. The center of the vehicle is completely open from front to back, allowing him to haul long planks of wood or trees inside the car. After a few years, they have now moved from Robert’s farm to Detroit, ready to play in the big leagues and bring their car to the market. It’s thrilling for us to Robert and his team create something from nothing - something that could one day contribute to real positive change in our environmental sustainability.


Agency: Small Army

Director: Tripp Clemens

Director of Photography: Harvey Burrell

Executive Producer: Will Humphrey

Producer: Jordan Berry

Camera Assistant: Colby Todisco

Audio Production: Brian Misiewicz

Sound Mix: Jorel Corpus