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Henry Busby

Henry is a multidisciplinary director with a background in painting, photography, and cinematography. Clients include Dick's Sporting Goods, NBA, Champion, Adidas, Reebok, Vice, Everlast, and Bai. His work is punctuated by strike visuals and a deeply personal approach to documentary work.

Awards: 2018 Cannes Young Director Award (Gold), 2018 1.4 Awards Showcase. 2017 D&AD Awards Next Director. 2017 One Screen Awards - Best Documentary. ADC Young Guns 15 Winner

Julianne Guaron

Julianne heartfelt work combines a background in design with an almost anthropological interesting in humans. Across all of her work you can see a profound effort to “see” and “connect” with the people she is representing on screen.

Julianne actually says it best herself, “Humans are the "who" we are connecting to with design products, systems and services, so it is natural that they are the origin as well.”

Johan T. Anderson

Johan specializes in storytelling that lives in the digital and social world. He was born in Fargo and grew up in Minnesota. His film have screened at festivals around the world including the Cannes Film Festival. His work exemplifies an attention to detail that is clear in every frame of his work. From start to finish Johan is a master of style grounded in story, seamlessly tying together disparate elements into cohesive film.