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We tell stories of impact and innovation through film. 

Our process



Our clients and collaborators aim to influence the world, or a piece of it, for the better. They are feeding the homeless, empowering local veterans, providing affordable health care, eliminating malaria, protecting fish habitats and shutting down coal power plants. Our first full-length documentary is now on PBS.

We believe in the power of the moving image to transcend social barriers and create positive change.

Equal parts


Story mapping, shooting, animating, editing. 

At no point do we outsource the creative direction. We're the same team that maps out the story from the beginning in our Story Core process, that actually creates the image in production and refines the story in post-production. No handing-off to other mysterious cinematographers or editors, no dilution of vision. 


Project management, locations, dates, rates. 

We designed the studio and trailer to reflect our inclusive and integrated process. And we're proud to have constant communication and transparency with our collaborators - at no point are you left hanging with questions about our shared project. We work tirelessly to finish our work under budget and on time.  


Custom camera rigs, color correction, audio mixing. 

We are proud to own all of the equipment we shoot with. It frees us to shoot more flexibly, understand our tools better, and build out exactly the kit we need for a specific shot in advance. Everything from suction cup mounts to remote controlled jibs to the stedicam has been custom built by our team. 

Average timeline




2 - 3 weeks

1 - 2 weeks

2 - 3 weeks

Sample Projects

Everything we build for each project lives on its own protected site. 

The backpage is home to everything from the Story Core (our first step in the creative process) to the final product.

No more searching for links in emails. No more outdated PDFs. 


To view a sample backpage, please contact us directly.







Planned Parenthood \\\ My Life \\\ 2018

Solidworks \\\ Field Ready \\\ 2018

The Base \\\ Dear America \\\ 2018

Taking on Exxon \\\ Conservation Law Foundation \\\ 2016

Planned Parenthood \\\ Phoebe’s Story: It Is Not A Numbers Game. We Are Real People \\\ 2017

Dana Farber \\\ Be Strong \\\ 2017



"Another tremendous product!! Thanks to all for your creativity and your willingness to listen to all of our input."

Don Ingber, Director, Wyss Institute at Harvard University


"Oh my god!!!! Wow. I'm going to watch it again."

Eliza Lucas, Senior Producer, Creative Services, Bose Corporation


"The targeted approach we took for our "Clean Air" campaign with Windy Films is the most successful online fundraising campaign to date, in no small part due to the videos they produced. We saw a 85% finish rate for online viewers and a 40% increase in support from previous backers, both unprecedented metrics for us previously."

Laurie O'Reilly, Communications Manager, Conservation Law Foundation 


"I just saw your documentary and I am awestruck, tearful, hopeful, and finally feel a sense of a life past where I am living and what I am doing now which is being, living, and feeling stuck. But you gave hope that I can move on finally and it will be okay despite it all. I have a hereditary neurological condition that has taken the feeling in my feet, my balance, and is now taking the feeling in my hands. Your film could not have come at a better time in my life where I am working on overcoming my fears, lost independence, the depression I have been in, a past life that no longer exists, and trying to find my way forward to a new life and actually moving forward....I have been doing the "baby steps" finally. Thank you so much for your unwavering courage, laughter, determination, and ability to reach out to people. I see the joy you have in every single minute of your life and it made me realize that I have lost mine and now need to find it. All of you and your film are truly a godsend and inspiration that I needed very badly. Please make more documentaries as it gives much needed hope, education, and information for everyone and especially those out there who have been stuck like me. God Bless you and the hope you have given me and I am sure so many others."

Lindsey Balderston, someone in Arizona we've never met who saw our first documentary Endless Abilities on PBS.

Sprinter Van |   Grip Trailer


  1. Production Headquarters

  2. Video Village

  3. On-Site DIT 

  4. Mobile / Remote Editing 


  • 170 sqft. of dedicated gear / grip storage.
  • Oversized displays for direct feed to camera.
  • Off-grid power for up to 12 hours of continuous use
  • Fully insulated and temperature regulated for year round productions. 
  • Interior walls treated with idea paint for on-site story mapping and collaboration. 
  • Most economical for field production when compared to planes and trains. 



  1. Hub for story-mapping and rough cut reviews with clients.
  2. Greater control of lighting and sound in production. 
  3. Post-production suites.
  4. Venue for hosting events and collaborations. 


  • 2,000 square feet serving as a photo and video studio. 
  • 25' high ceilings, white studio wall 55 feet long.
  • 40 outlets on individual breakers with three phase power in the ceiling lighting grid. 
  • Ground floor with oversized loading door, sound-proofed
  • Located on ground floor for easy loading access through 18' garage door. 
  • HD projector with 20' throw.
  • Bose L1 complete sound system for all audio needs. 
  • 1,500 square feet of full kitchen, bathroom, office space, storage. 
  • Five minutes to Logan Airport, ten minutes to Downtown Boston and Seaport District. 
  • Accessible by car, subway and water shuttle. 

Filmmaking, entrepreneurship and impact are our shared passions. And while we didn’t see this clearly seven years ago, we realize now how these three things really have a lot in common. They all are about finding an underserved market that benefits from something original and powerful. We’re beginning to think of our films as smaller businesses created within our business - not in an exploitive, capitalist sense, but rather because our films interact with the real world, we’re always thinking of our audience as a market that our work can inspire and engage. We don’t want our work to exist in a vacuum. Because our films come from the world around us, it’s important that it returns the favor and become a tool for positive change after they’re done. 


To do this, we need to be more than cinematographers and editors. We need to be journalists and producers. We need to be activists and advocates. While we may not have realized it, we haven’t paid much attention to industry standards or conventional wisdom. We’ve built based on necessity, and that often required us to break down traditional barriers that separate our passions into different professions. This makes us neither filmmakers, entrepreneurs or social impact agents, but rather a blend of all three. We haven’t figured out what to call that yet. If you have any ideas, please let us know.


ok, let's get to work.

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