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First, allow us to introduce ourselves.

At Windy Films, we tell stories of social impact and innovation. 

Our clients and collaborators aim to influence the world, or a piece of it, for the better. They are feeding the homeless, empowering local veterans, providing affordable health care, eliminating malaria, protecting fish habitats and shutting down coal power plants. 

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Education Sample Work

Below is a collection of sample work from our portfolio, specifically for clients focused on education.

In our home of New England, so much positive change is driven by world class educational institutions.

Our goal is to help schools, colleges and universities throughout the region tell their story in a meaningful and impactful way. We marry our documentary sensibilities and high quality production to the goals and initiatives of marketing departments to create highly impactful content, either as a stand-alone piece or a series integrated into a campaign. 

Our character-driven approach dives deep into the lives of individuals, allowing their honest experiences to represent the values of larger brands and organizations. We believe that showing, not just talking about, an individual’s experience can create a powerful message to engage audiences. Our experience has taught us how to navigate deeply personal, and at times challenging, stories of real people, allowing us to bring a thoughtful sensibility and big-picture understanding to each of our productions. We bring high production value to authenticity, driving lasting connections between story and audience.

Our goal is not to make audiences feel like they are being pushed or sold something, but rather that they are a part of a culture and community that exists within them already. With increased competition and an ever saturated marketing and advertising landscape, our goal is to create meaningful content that is not wide and shallow, but deep and narrow.

Below is some of our work for educational institutions throughout New England over the past several years. Feel free to contact us with any questions or just to discuss how we may be able to help you tell your story. 

UMASS Amherst

UMASS Rising - 2016

Agency: Element Productions


  • Thank supporters who contributed to the UMASS Rising capital campaign. 
  • Demonstrate impact of campaign on students and faculty.


  • Develop a consistent visual structure that presents benefactors of campaign as heroic agents of positive change.
  • Introduce high energy visuals to keep momentum of piece growing and engaging throughout. 

Long Format (4:30)

Philips Exeter Academy

Goel Arts Center - 2018

Field House - 2015


  • Commemorate a very nostalgic building on campus before it is replaced with new facility.

  • Instill trust in the alumni that the spirit of the old building would be honored and the entire program would be improved.


  • Incorporate notable author and alum to serve as personified narrative of the building.

  • Create parallel, in-depth narratives between three students.

Long Format (4:00)

Harkness - 2016


  • Dive into a highly nuanced method of teaching, first pioneered by Exeter and central to every classroom.

  • Tell a story that is both informative and emotional so Exeter can help demonstrate Harkness to other schools who wish to adopt it.


  • Short Format: More informative sense of the concept of Harkness, simple execution with captivating soundbites. Direct all focus on listening to students' words, without distraction of music or other imagery to allow the context of the piece to reflect the content of the piece and style of Harkness itself.

  • Long Format: Deploy for captive and invested audiences who want to learn more. Targeted at other schools and prospective students.

Short Format (1:30)

Long Format (5:00)

Campaign for new site - 2016


  • Conceptualize and execute creatively consistent content for website redesign that stands out from competing high schools' content.

  • Emphasize individual experiences of students and professors.


  • Long Format: "Day in The Life" approach brings us through the lives of each student. Production began with relationship building with each student, translating to a sense of comfort and accessibility once we introduce the cameras.

  • Short Format: Reflect Exeter values of listening, focus and strength with a visual direction that

Short Format (0:30)

Boston University

Lifechangers - 2016

Agency: Small Army


  • Establish the Boston University School of Education as a leader in using the real world as a classroom.
  • Target prospective students as primary audience.


  • Tell the story from two sides: student and faculty. 
  • Set the locations away from the classroom, showing student and faculty immersed in the community and city.

Long Format (2:00)

Concord Academy

Centennial - 2015


  • Create a consistent and concise narrative for the centennial campaign.

  • Create core story for redesign of website.


  • Emphasize uniqueness of Concord Academy culture by respecting school's artistic and humanitarian history while establishing renewed focus on sciences, mathematics and athletics.

  • Generate excitement from within the community by giving voice to key leaders, both students and faculty.

  • Visually demonstrate interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to academics, arts and athletics.

Short Format (2:00)

Long Format (4:00)

Sprinter Van |   Grip Trailer


  1. Production Headquarters

  2. Video Village

  3. On-Site DIT 

  4. Mobile / Remote Editing 


  • 170 sqft. of dedicated gear / grip storage.
  • Oversized displays for direct feed to camera.
  • Off-grid power for up to 12 hours of continuous use
  • Fully insulated and temperature regulated for year round productions. 
  • Interior walls treated with idea paint for on-site story mapping and collaboration. 
  • Most economical for field production when compared to planes and trains. 



  1. Hub for story-mapping and rough cut reviews with clients.
  2. Greater control of lighting and sound in production. 
  3. Post-production suites.
  4. Venue for hosting events and collaborations. 


  • 2,000 square feet serving as a photo and video studio. 
  • 25' high ceilings, white studio wall 55 feet long.
  • 40 outlets on individual breakers with three phase power in the ceiling lighting grid. 
  • Ground floor with oversized loading door, sound-proofed
  • Located on ground floor for easy loading access through 18' garage door. 
  • HD projector with 20' throw.
  • Bose L1 complete sound system for all audio needs. 
  • 1,500 square feet of full kitchen, bathroom, office space, storage. 
  • Five minutes to Logan Airport, ten minutes to Downtown Boston and Seaport District. 
  • Accessible by car, subway and water shuttle.