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The Power of Recovery - Solidworks


St. Thomas, 2018

Although not all of our clients are changing the world, an important part of our mission is to communicate how they make positive impact in the lives of a community or a single individual. Solidworks, for example, makes 3D design software.  Their corporate story isn’t inherently about social impact, but they have many stories of customers who are using the Solidworks software for good. One of our most recent examples is the story of Field Ready, a humanitarian relief NGO that visits disaster zones after earthquakes, war, or in this case, hurricanes. Two hurricanes, specifically, devastated the Virgin Islands in the fall of 2017. With a traveling 3D printer and a laptop, this team of three engineers is able to build exactly the part needed to get critical tools and systems running again. In St. Thomas, FEMA required residents to register for aid online, but without power or internet for months, many islanders are still running loud and expensive generators to power their homes. Field Ready was able to activate Solidworks’ software to connect used solar panels to broken car batteries, setting up power sources in local neighborhoods.