Tiny isn't really all that tiny. 




Getaway builds tiny houses and places them outside the city for friends and couples to escape the daily grind. With solar power and composting toilets, they're totally off the grid. And they're built right here in Boston.

As our neighbors in the shipyard, we were able to document the building process of one of the tiny houses from start to finish. They start with a 8 x 20 foot platform on wheels and finish with a fully functioning house just five weeks later. 

Once the house was done, we brought it into the studio, with just inches to spare fitting in the door. We then drove up to New Hampshire for a few nights. We broke out our 40 foot long crane for some shots through the trees and above the house. Hanging out by the campfire and watching the stars, far away from cell service, it was easy to forget we call this "work." Jon and everyone at Getaway have a very cool story to tell, and like all good stories, they are best told around a fire.