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Halfway There



Boston, 2017

Three months ago, we admit we were honestly unaware of Boston's shameful problem of commercial sexual exploitation of children. We've learned a lot since then, and it is our honor to tell the stories of three former victims on screen. As teenagers, they were sold for sex, but today, they are returning to school, living independently, and finding true love of their own. Over the last fifteen years, My Life My Choice has helped thousands of girls, expanding to over half the states in the US, on track to bringing their mentoring and training programs to all 50 states. These stories were co-produced by Element Productions.

We wanted to take this opportunity to begin working with analog film. See below two of the three stories that we shot in 35mm on the ARRI 453es. We love the look, and we're excited to stretch our legs a bit further with it for our next fitting project. 

The film needed to be compelling but not exploitive, sensitive but not sugar-coated, raw but palpable. We needed filmmakers who would “get us” in a short period of time and also be able to work with our youth to tell their stories in a way that would make them feel both comfortable and heard. Windy Films was all that and more. They were able to quickly understand what we needed, listen to our clients and staff in a way that was respectful and compassionate. The finished product was outstanding and evoked an incredible response from our guests at the Gala.

We raised over $100,000 more than last year’s Gala and I believe the video was a key part of what made the difference.