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In This Proposal

Our goal is to tell the comprehensive history of East Boston’s shipyards, bringing together multiple mediums, including studio interviews, live action cinematography, archival content, time lapse photography, and animated motion graphics. 

With our creative approach, professional experience, technical precision and personal passion, we hope to have the opportunity to do this story justice. 

Each of us feel a unique connection to East Boston. Our families have lived and worked here, some before we were born. Before starting Windy, we worked on the docks at Piers Park Sailing Center, teaching students how to sail and fixing boats. Now we're celebrating three years in our studio in Building 16, and we couldn't be more proud to call the shipyard our home. 


Note: All content in this proposal is original, except for the archival photos.



About us


  1. studio interviews
  2. live action cinematography
  3. archival photo & video
  4. time lapse
  5. motion graphics


  1. proposed schedule
  2. proposed budget

Windy Films is dedicated to telling stories of social impact and innovation.

Our character-driven approach dives deep into the lives of individuals, allowing their honest experiences to represent the values of larger brands and organizations. We believe that showing, not just talking about, an individual or community experience can create a powerful message to engage audiences.  Our experience has taught us how to navigate deeply personal, and at times challenging, stories of real people, allowing us to bring a thoughtful sensibility and big-picture understanding to each of our stories. We bring high production value to authenticity, driving lasting connections between story and audience.



Will Humphrey

Executive Producer


Harvey Burrell

Head of Production


Tripp Clemens

Creative Director


Jorel Corpus

Sound Artist


Jordan Berry

Associate Producer


Tucker Macdonald

Director of Photography

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Visual Elements


studio interviews

live action cinematography

archival photo & video

time lapse

motion graphics


Studio Interviews


Back to back interviews with Bostonians

  • Family and descendants of shipyard workers, immigrants
  • Current figures and voices of the East Boston waterfront


One day of studio production


When did your family first come to America? What stories do you remember from your childhood?

What kinds of cultures were living and working around the shipyard then?

Do you remember the day Bethlehem Steel closed its doors?

How has the culture changed? How has the waterfront landscape changed?


Live Action Cinematography

Visuals of the shipyard and waterfront today. 


2 - 3 days of location production


  • Current economic activity and maker culture in the shipyard
  • Waterfront access and development
  • Culture of immigration, diversity and tolerance

Archival Photo & Video

  • 20 - 30 x 3D layering of 2D photography
  • 10 - 20 x match cuts from archival photography to today

3D layering of photography case study

Celebrating 50 Years - Conservation Law Foundation

Time Lapse

  • 5 - 10 x short interval time lapses (one frame every minute, 2 - 3 hours)
    • Weather activity
    • Daylight changes
    • Economic and cultural activity
  • 1 - 2 x long interval time lapses (one frame ever day, two months)
    • Landscape changes
    • Economic development

Animated Motion Graphics

  • 5 - 10 x Animated Titles and text and to convey key messages, quotes & concepts
  • 5 - 10 x Animated 2D graphics, visual icons  to create transitions and emphasize visual elements. 

Thoughts on the process and product


We believe that these elements must be intentionally directed to tell an integrated story. While they may seem formulaic in the format of this proposal, our goal is to create a final product that flows seamlessly together, using compelling visuals to tell continuous narratives that can captivate audiences, with or without the use of audio. 

We do not separate out these options á la carte style, as we feel all are necessary for the whole story. Even in an exhibition context without audio, we feel the studio interviews are essential for developing narratives, researching histories and bringing a personal, intimate and character driven approach to the shipyard story. 


Here is our recommended approach process, a collaboration between Windy and the ICA team. 


1. Research (February)

  • City and state archives for maps, documents, photo and film media
  • Studio interviews

2. Paper edit (March)

  • Structure script from interviews, archival sources, chapter structure. 
  • Storyboard all visual elements to correspond with narratives, conveyed through audio or text. 

3. Production (April)

  • Time lapses
  • Live action cinematography

4. Post Production (May)

  • Photo and video editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Collaborative revision process
  • Color grading and audio mixing


Thank you for considering our proposal.

We recognize that at this stage this proposal heavily emphasizes our technical capabilities, and we're looking forward to a more discussion about the story itself. We'd be happy to continue the conversation over the phone or in person at the shipyard. 


Will Humphrey

Executive Producer