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Weekend at NEDS

Tripp and Will at Loon

Wind Powered Productions spent the weekend at Loon Mountain skiing with the amazing crew at New England Disabled Sports. The conditions were far from perfect. It was unbelievable cold . Tripp, Will, and our new friend Cam all crashed (take a look at the epic spill here) but in spite of it all we had a blast!

It was our last big ski weekend for the season so we decided to pull out all the stops. We loaded up the Jeep with camera gera, clothes, skis and a wheelchair. We even got to pick up some new swag from Patagonia in Boston. Those guys rock.

So much stuff....

Once we finally hit the slopes Will started showing off and before we knew it he was skiing backwards and getting some killer shots. Meanwhile Harvey was camped out in the warm and cozy NEDS lodge prepping a new rig for the mono-ski. We tried two completely different rigs and they were both wicked intimidating but our buddy Cam was brave enough to give them a try. They only lasted one run each but the close intimate footage was totally worth it. One Canon 5D Mark II came back covered in snow and ice but somehow survived. Gotta love those cameras!

Mono-Ski Rig

Sunday Morning rolled around and we decided to pull off one last big shot... So at 5:00am we loaded the gear and headed over to Loon. We hiked our lovely 12ft camera crane up to a nice wide turn on the beginner slope and started rigging. Everything was there and ready to go by 7:00am. After a brief discussion with ski patrol and a lively debate about the pro's and con's of orange cones (for the record we are pro-cones and ski patrol was anti-cones) we were set and rolling.

We managed to get a few quick shots including a great overhead shot of Geoff Krill tearing it up. If you check out the NEDS promo that we cut together you can see Geoff in the very last shot, which takes up all of three seconds. Gotta love making movies... 4 hours = 3 seconds.

Thanks again to everyone at NEDS. You have an amazing group of instructors and we will be sure to see you up there next season.