Old Blog

We're Back

So after a few months of silence on our blog, we're back. Our absence comes from not inactivity, just a shift in brand.

At our last post about ten months ago, Wind Powered Productions was editing a short piece on biotech research with the Wyss Institute in Boston, shooting cars for five days with Clint Clemens in San Francisco, and preparing to head to Florida to shoot new homes for wounded warriors with Homes For Our Troops. On top of all of that, we spent much of our free time mini-bus shopping around New England and preparing to shoot our first feature documentary on a cross country road trip in the spring.

Needless to say, we no longer had our long summer days to blog, and the demands of both shooting and school forced us to go radio silent for a while.

Fast forward almost a year, and we've somehow managed to keep both documentary and commercial arms attached to the same torso. We've beefed up our equipment quiver with a twelve foot jib arm, which finds its new home in our production trailer. The mini-bus that we bought from a church in Rhode Island back in January drove us seven thousand miles over seven weeks this spring, leaving us with some of the most amazing experiences of our lives and three hundred hours of footage.

As we approach our fourth birthday, we're proud to announce the launch of our new name: Windy. We go by our nickname now, as Wind Powered Productions felt a bit long. Unintended associations with windmills and potential lawsuit threats from other production companies with similar names motivated us to simplify.

But most importantly, Windy is a new brand that allows us to unite both our commercial and documentary work under a common mission, to tell the stories that matter. From cutting edge science to community service, we believe that financial sustainability and creative expression are not mutually exclusive. More about this later, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the next few blog posts, a recap the successes and failures of our third year.