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Homes for Our Troops

Sarasota Hotel Pano Over the next few posts, we'll reflect on our experiences from 2012. Looking back in retrospect allows us to find the common thread that connects all of these stories, sometimes seemingly unrelated at the time.

We may have a vision for our future, but we usually have no idea how we will get there. That's why when asked if we can shoot in a way far beyond our experience or technicality suggests, we always answer 'yes' and then figure out how.

Last February, a close friend and marketing consultant to Endless Abilities recommended our commercial work to Homes For Our Troops. The Massachusetts based organization builds accessible homes for disabled veterans and their families, and came to us to develop media for their new website.

At our first meeting with them, we quickly realized that 'media' meant not video, but an interactive virtual tour of one of their new homes. With no idea how to create a virtual tour, we immediately agreed to the job and spent the next month figuring out exactly how we could create the product we so easily promised.

Meanwhile, the client decided to send us to Sarasota. They booked flights and a hotel room, and budgeted for taxi fare to the model home (somehow they seemed okay with the fact that we were too young to rent a car).

Whether we were ready or not, we soon found ourselves shooting a virtual tour of a brand new home for a wounded veteran. The home was bare except for his photo and American flag waiting on the counter. Here's the link to the tour: http://windpoweredproductions.com/build/virtualtour.html

When we returned we proudly assembled the tour without glitches. It felt pretty good to live up to a new technical challenge. And in retrospect, the job fit into our mission of telling stories with a greater social responsibility. But at the time, the only thing on our minds was not messing up the virtual tour. Here's us practicing in the hotel room before the shoot.