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The Wyss Institute

Wind Powered Productions has just completed work on a series of promotional videos for the Wyss Institute @ Harvard. The caliber of people at the Wyss is hard to articulate and the importance of their scientific discoveries is mind boggling. Every shoot day was full of gasps and dropped jaws.

It was a great opportunity for us and we happy to except the challenge. Every shoot day posed unique challenges. Every lab was different and every set up had to be created from scratch. We also had to bring in a very stripped down set up as we were shooting in labs that were full of passionate working scientists - it turns out that the cancer vaccine people don't like to stop working. In our time at the Wyss we shot over 50 hours which was all edited down into 8 individual platforms and two trailers videos that give an overview of the Wyss. To see the rest of the videos head over to the Wyss Institute website.

Motion Capture LabShooting in the motion capture lab.

The Mighty PriusThe beloved Prius packed to the gills.