The stories we tell don't wait for us. 

When we're not in the studio in Boston,

we work out of a 16-foot trailer to travel with the least amount of hassle and waste. 

Scroll down to see some behind the scenes stuff from the road. 

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Cross Country Sprint

We talk a big game about the economics of the trailer, but having only driven it as far as DC from Boston, we've yet to really put it to the test. Last time we shot in LA in October, we flew with ten tubs of equipment and rented a sprinter van, and by the time we rebuilt our gear, it was realistically a day and a half affair. So for the next shoot on the west coast, we asked ourselves, is driving anywhere really more efficient?

Google says LA is 50 hours away from Boston. We did it in 61 with a strict method of rotating shifts. Every three hours of highway driving, we would need to refill the Toureg. Everyone takes a step to the left: The sleeper drives, the driver co-pilots, and the co-pilot sleeps. Three hours later, repeat. Surprisingly do-able. 

We stopped twice between the coasts. In the same place both east and westbound, very predictably. Thank you to Will Akers for the use of your hot tub in Nashville and sorry to Mary Etherington for giving your bike a flat tire in Marfa. 

The verdict: It's worth driving the trailer past the Rockies if we're shooting out there for more than a week... eh, ten days. The financial cost is the same, so the use of having the trailer on location has to outweigh the energy of driving three thousand miles twice.

It definitely helps to have an awesome client like ieCrowd out there to make the trip worth while. Head over to their site and check out some of the stuff they're working on, like a little patch that makes you invisible to mosquitoes, or a device that allows your phone to tell you what's in the air you're breathing.