Protecting New England 2017

Protecting New England

Taking on Exxon



New England, 2017

We are proud to collaborate with Conservation Law Foundation, New England's leading environmental activist group. For over fifty years, they have fought to protect our land, sea and air. They bring legal expertise to local community activists to make projects like the Boston Harbor and Charles River clean-up possible.

Above, we tell the story of their work to protect a Boston neighborhood against the negligence of Exxon Mobile. Read more about their suit against Exxon in the Boston Globe here

Below, see more stories we've produced for CLF over the years. 


Connecticut, 2013

One of CLF's ambitious goals is to make New England completely coal-free by the year 2020. As the birthplace for the Industrial Revolution, New England is home to many coal power plants, many that are even a century old. While many are obsolete, some power plants are still actively harming the surrounding neighborhoods. This story is about CLF's mission to shut down the remaining coal power plants in New England and help our communities make a safe transition to clean energy. 

Maine, 2014

This story focuses on Cashes Ledge, an underwater mountain 80 miles off the coast of Maine. An off-limits nursery for fish to breed since 2002, a new generation of commercial fishermen are now fighting to open up Cashes Ledge for dredging and other harmful fishing practices.

Working with National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry, our team created a short film for the Conservation Law Foundation's campaign to permanently protect Cashes Ledge. 

“The targeted approach we took for our “Clean Air” campaign with Windy Films is the most successful online fundraising campaign to date, in no small part due to the videos they produced. We saw a 85% finish rate for online viewers and a 40% increase in support from previous backers, both unprecedented metrics for us previously.”
— Conservation Law Foundation