Reclaiming Our Seas

Reclaiming Our Seas

11th Hour Foundation & Sail Martha's Vineyard

Reclaiming Our Seas



Vineyard Haven, 2015

The 2015 Vineyard Cup was unlike any other event for a multitude of reasons. Hydro-foiling kite surfers competed alongside beautiful wooden boats in an event that set out to change the way people think about the environment when recreating on the ocean. 

Sail Martha's Vineyard was one of our first clients. They are committed to increasing access and education for the sea on Martha's Vineyard. Their captain's course is the most affordable in New England, helping locals find employment on the water in a tough year-round economy. Their high school class is one of three in the country that actually graduates students with coast guard licenses, and their summer program goes beyond sailing, teaching both kids and adults how to find respect for the sea.

Sail MV's environmental initiative is in partnership with The 11th Hour Project. Watch their story here:



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