Robin Hood

Robin Hood Proposal

First, allow us to introduce ourselves.

At Windy Films, we tell stories of social impact and innovation. 

Our clients and collaborators aim to influence the world, or a piece of it, for the better. They are feeding the homeless, empowering local veterans, providing affordable health care, eliminating malaria, protecting fish habitats and shutting down coal power plants. 

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We're reaching to Robin Hood because we would like to help you tell the stories of those benefited by your efforts. Below are case studies of relevant work from our portfolio. 


2017 Reel


Case Study 1 - Structure

11th Hour Foundation, 2015

Grantee Profile - Vineyard Cup (2015)

Grantee Profile - Rocking The Boat (2015)

The 11th Hour Project is dedicated to building responsible relationships between humans and the world's water, energy, and food resources. Funded by the Schmidt Family Foundation of Wendy and Eric Schmidt (Former CEO of Google), 11th Hour supports non-profits and local efforts focused on environmental sustainability around the world.

As they initiated their marketing efforts in 2015, we produced two short stories focusing on their grantees. We developed a plan for sustainable partnership with them, building out a scope of work that would produce a series of grantee stories with consistency in frequency and quality. (The conversation was ultimately paused as they took the following year to restructure their organization.) 

Developing a series of personal, intimate stories showing the positive impact on grantees is one model that we see potentially fitting for Robin Hood based on our initial research of the breadth and depth of the organization's reach.


Case Study 2 - Style

Planned Parenthood, 2017

Patient Story - Laura

We have refined our approach since working with 11th Hour Foundation in 2015. Instead of profiling organizations on the surface, we have invested more in telling personal, intimate and powerful stories of individuals connected to the organization. 

Patient Story - Phoebe

On June 30, four Planned Parenthood clinics in Iowa closed after the state rejected federal funding designated for family planning. These centers have been open for decades and were the primary provider of health care for almost 15,000 people. We're honored to tell the stories of three women who have depended on these clinics. While the situation in Iowa is devastating, we hope that capturing these stories can inspire our leaders and lawmakers to preserve health for men and women across the country.

Patient Story - Sara

We received a call from Planned Parenthood one week before the clinics closed, a date that coincided with the scheduled vote on the replacement bill of the Affordable Care Act in the Senate. The proposed bill would have removed federal funding for Planned Parenthood on a national level.

While Planned Parenthood was able to quickly find the right characters to tell the story, we knew that we needed to stay nimble and have a light footprint in order to capture the story with both speed and sensitivity. We met with each character in advance without cameras, allowing us to develop a relationship, understand their story, and storyboard vision for each piece. 

We believe that this intimate approach to storytelling is a powerful way of demonstrating the value of the broader organization as a whole, as demonstrated by the results. 

  • Facebook
    • > 100,000 views per story
    • > 1,000 shares per story
    • ~ 250,000 reach  per story (average for client is 80,000)
  • NowThis Her
    • > 1.6 million views
““It was seriously such a pleasure and a privilege to work with you guys. I knew our patients and providers would floor me (they always do), but I didn’t expect to be just as inspired by the crew. Y’all are incredibly talented and impressive. Looking forward to seeing what magic comes from this.” — Planned Parenthood

Case Study 3 - Sensitivity

My Life My Choice, 2017

Core Story

Three months ago, we admit we were honestly unaware of Boston's shameful problem of commercial sexual exploitation of children. We've learned a lot since then, and it is our honor to tell the stories of three former victims on screen. As teenagers, they were sold for sex, but today, they are returning to school, living independently, and finding true love of their own. Over the last fifteen years, My Life My Choice has helped thousands of girls, expanding to over half the states in the US, on track to bringing their mentoring and training programs to all 50 states.

From the beginning,  we knew we wanted to take the intimate approach of exploring the lives of individuals to tell the story of the greater organization, but we were restricted from revealing the identity of the subjects. Ultimately, we aimed to create a final piece that demonstrated sensitivity for the subjects story in both the process of production and the final film itself. 

“The film needed to be compelling but not exploitive, sensitive but not sugar-coated, raw but palpable. We needed filmmakers who would “get us” in a short period of time and also be able to work with our youth to tell their stories in a way that would make them feel both comfortable and heard. Windy Films was all that and more. They were able to quickly understand what we needed, listen to our clients and staff in a way that was respectful and compassionate. The finished product was outstanding and evoked an incredible response from our guests at the Gala. 

We raised over $100,000 more than last year’s Gala and I believe the video was a key part of what made the difference. 
— My Life My Choice

We'd be happy to continue the conversation. 

We would love to help tell the stories of those directly benefited by Robin Hood. 

Feel free to reach out to Tripp Clemens with questions or ideas at or 401.465.4004.