Dear America

Dear America

The Base

Dear America - The Base


Roxbury, MA, 2018

Through baseball, mentorship and tutoring, The Base works hard to get students from Boston’s under-served communities into college. In ten years, they've allowed over 250 students to attend college, an opportunity many of them are the first in their families to receive. 

For this project, we expanded our directed documentary approach to a specific shotlist over multiple characters and storylines. This increased intention allowed us to be very specific in our visual goals, while also staying open to moments we cannot control. While still working with real people in their true environment, we are able to be more precise about our approach and control of the image. 

It was a huge honor for us to see this story reach the big screen at Fenway Park on Juneteenth this year during a fundraiser celebration for The Base. The day marks the beginning of an exciting future for The Base as they expand to cities all across the country. 


Agency: Boathouse Group

Director: Isaac Sokol

Director of Photography: Drew Levin

Executive Producer: Will Humphrey

Creative Director: Tripp Clemens

Head of Production: Harvey Burrell

Assistant Producer: Jordan Berry

Assistant Camera: Jamie Fitzpatrick

Sound Design: Jorel Corpus

Color: Phil Shoe at Nice Shoes

Production Partner: Jim Buckley at Bucko