The Fight to End Malaria

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The story of our ability to adapt, our ability to live.

The Fight to Eliminate Malaria


North America & Africa, 2018

Malaria has ravaged humans for millennia.

It crippled Genghis Khan's army, contributed to the fall of the Mayans and infected George Washington.

Now the disease kills over 1,500 people every day, over one thousand of whom are children. While bed nets, pesticide and drugs have helped reduce transmission rates over the past several decades for the roughly 3.2 billion individuals at risk, malaria is proving to be an adaptive disease. In the past year studies have shown that there has been an increasingly significant level of insecticide and drug resistance, making the impact of preventative efforts wean. Scientists have universally concluded that only a vaccine can fully eliminate the disease. 

Our documentary follows the progress of current vaccine efforts, namely RTS,S developed by GlaxoSmithKline and PfSPZ developed by Sanaria. 

Wildly different in their approach, these vaccines represent a herculean effort made by incredibly passionate scientists over the past thirty years. With field trials progressing rapidly, these vaccines are now in their final hour of development. These organizations hope to license their vaccine within the next several years to mass-distribute the first effective malaria vaccine in the world. Though some are closer than others, each effort is backed by one motivation- to save millions of lives as quickly as possible. 

Our goal is to capture this potentially historic moment in time. What scientific struggles have the vaccines faced on the road to licensure? What political challenges have set the scientists back? What is their prediction for the future? If these vaccines reach their goal of efficacy, we hope to provide a fair and objective perspective on the fight against malaria.

Currently in production, we anticipate releasing Bioko in 2018. By maintaining our journalistic independence, we do not have any for-hire relationships with the subjects of the film. To complete production and bring the film to a world-wide audience, we need to continue raising funds. To support the project or get involved, please contact us directly at